Counselling & Personality Development

The Above session held for the Students & parents of VIII to XIIth. Mr. Dipesh Shah has been appointed as the school counsellor. Periodically sessions will be held through the year. (22/06/2015)

Clay Moulding/Poster Making Competitions

The Clay Moulding competitions was held on 24/06/’15 for class I to V and The Poster Making Competitions was held for classes VI to X. The competition was Judged by Mrs Revati Dabhade , Mrs Sangita Prasad , Mrs Shubhada Mirase , Mrs Tejal Panchal and the Winners were Kansagara Harshiv (I-B), Parmar Dev (III-B), Bhavsar Archi (V-B).

Vanmahotsav Celebrations

1st June 2015 Celebrations Was held Students of class Xth were given the opportunities to plant saplings in different areas of ground They did it with the help of teachers. There was a great enthusiasm and joy among all.(01/07/2015)

Cartoon Drawing Competition

It was held on 01/07/’15 for the classes I to V Judged by Ms Sabana Chaus , Mrs Keta Mistry , Mrs Shubhada Mirase , Mrs Tejal Panchal and the winners were Patel Het (II-B) , Vashi Jayesh (IV-A) , Naik Haya (V-A).

Janmasthmi Celebration

Rakshabandhan Celebrations